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Own a Safe House in France

Top reasons to own a Safe House in France

It's Smart

Options. Plan B. Ghost protocol.

Whether for the Protestants during the wars of religion, or for the Jews during WWII, God uses people who have a safe house. And depending on which country you live in at the moment, you may need to get out of Dodge to protect your family and lay low for a season. We have an English-speaking network here to support you.

france is a survivor

Though some may beg to differ, France knows how to survive, or even come back from the dead. Since at least the year 480, France has survived monarchies, wars of religion, the mass exodus of protestants, revolutions, countless wars, and five republics. And she is still looking pretty fine after all these years.

France is unruly

From the revolution, to going on strike, to slow-rolling during rush hour, to dumping manure on the front steps of government offices, the French know how to be ungovernable. After five republics since 1789, and a plethora political parties, democracy lives on in France.

Fabulous Geography

The Northern Alps

The Southern Alps

La Provence

The Mediterranean coast

The Pyrenees

The Atlantic Coast

La Bretagne

The Northern Coast


The Massif Central

The Jura

The farmland & vineyards

and 8,000kms of Rivers & Canals

Rock Solid Architecture

The Eiffel Tower

The Louvre

l'Arc de Triomphe


Mont Saint Michel

Cathedrals & Monasteries

Castles & Chateaux

Medieval Villages

Proper houses made of stone

with tile roofs that last for centuries.

The Food Culture

Café au lait & croissants

La baguette et le fromage

Foie gras



Tarte Flambée

La raclette

Bœuf bourginon

Magret de canard

Mousse au chocolat


local boulangeries, outdoor cafés, creperies, les chalets de montagne, les auberges, et les brasserie, the famous long lunches, and sitting around the table for hours on the weekend with family and friends.

The Wine


And I heard what seemed to be a voice in the midst of the four living creatures, saying, "A quart of wheat for a denarius, and three quarts of barley for a denarius, and do not harm the oil and wine!"

Revelation 6:6




Côtes du Rhone






The Language


of love & romance

of global diplomacy

of Latin roots

of Calvin & The Institutes

The Transportation

Its a little known fact that France is a top country for the combined road quality and road connectivity index, and this in addition to the TGV, RER, and metro transit systems.

The Financial Advantages

Average annual health insurance policy for a 60-year-old: 2,400€

Average annual property tax:


Average annual university cost,

including tuition, housing, and food:



Fiber Optic Home Internet:



Unlimited cell plan:


Apocalypse Tourism

As the most touristed country in the world, France's hotel bookings in the summer of 2020 fell to a "miniscule" 45 million nights, compared to 69 million for the summer of 2019, and this does not include campground bookings that were off the charts. So for the apocalypse gig economy, we recommend you purchase a small boutique hotel, gite, or bed & breakfast as part of your French immigration plan.

Don't wait.

move forward.

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