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Cultural IQ

What is your French Cultural Intelligence Quotient?

Cultural IQ:

The Depth to which you understand a nation and its people

How does a nation's history shape the culture and what does national identity look like?

Of what is a citizen or nation proud or ashamed?


What are the national holidays and what do citizens see as the golden age of their nation?



What are citizens nostalgic for and

what are citizens afraid of losing?

Who are the mighty men and women of the past?


How do parents and the educational system form national identity?



What is the collectivism vs. individualism dynamic?



What are the honor and shame dynamics?

How do citizens view their status in their region and in the international community?

Who do they consider their domestic and foreign friends and enemies and why?

What are the attitudes toward authority, government, military, and the police?


What are the attitudes towards work time, leisure time, family time, and punctuality?

What are the attitudes toward education, work, career, manual labor, and the trades?



Which careers are admired and respected and which are looked down upon? How does the cultural define success?

What are attitudes toward money, spending, saving, investing, possessions, displays of wealth, taxes, and giving?

What are attitudes toward health, diet, leisure and sports?

What are attitudes towards dating, sexuality, marriage & children?



What are the attitudes toward grandparents and extended family?

How does the culture define masculinity and feminity?

Who are the quintessential man & woman for the culture?

What are attitudes toward safety, security, risk, and failure?



What are the cultural attitudes toward morality, integrity, honesty, and personal reputation?

What does cultural etiquette look like?

Food & Wine etiquette?

Workplace etiquette?

Government office etiquette?

Waiting room etiquette?

Adult-child etiquette?

Neighborly etiquette?

Telephone & texting etiquette?

Writing & email etiquette?

Get S.e.t.

Special Envoy Training

Our next big project is to create a French Cultural Intelligence training to help Francophiles rapidly advance in cultural understanding, cultural adaption, and to avoid cultural burnout and attrition.


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