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French Citizenship

Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité
Vive la République !
Vive la France !

Top 10 Reasons to Pursue French Citizenship

1. La Patrie

So much history, beauty and diversity packed into one country: Paris, the Alps, Provence, the Mediterranean coast, the Pyrenees, the Atlantic coast, the Dune du Pilat, Bordeaux, la Bretagne, Mont Saint Michel, Normandy, the North, Strasbourg, Alsace, Bourgogne, and so much more.

2. Le Français

A truly beautiful language in its grammar, vocabulary, romance and melody.

3. French Spirit


Western Ideals

The Declaration of Human Rights

Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité

Work-life balance

Food, wine, and long meals

Summer vacation

Style, fashion, beauty, art, architecture & more

4. Global Residency

How big is "France"?

Where can you live with French citizenship?

In Europe

l'Hexagone or Corsica

In North America

Saint Pierre & Miquelon

In the Caribbean

Guadeloupe, Martinique, Saint Martin or Saint Barths

In South America

French Guiana

In the South Pacific

French Polynesia

In the Indian Ocean

Madagascar, Comoros, Mayotte, Reunion, Mauritius & the Seychelles

5. Health Care


While no healthcare system is perfect, the cost vs. service matrix in France is very, very good value in our opinion.

6. Home Ownership

French homes are very good value. The vast majority are made of stone, concrete block, or ceramic bricks. This translates into solidity and longevity. They also have tile roofs, which in most cases, means you will never have to replace your roof during your lifetime.

Fancy a 500-year-old medieval house?

Not hard in France.

7. Food Security

While France still has a lot of exposure to Western supply chain issues, it is also an extremely fertile country, with an abundance of springs, streams and rivers, and a robust agricultural economy. France has been living off of bread, cheese, potatoes, sausage, charcuterie, and wine for centuries, which is not going to change anytime soon. From weekly street markets to local bakeries, cheese, and butcher shops, France is in a far better position than many countries.

8. Passport Power

France routinely ranks in the top tier of the Henley Global Passport Index, offering you easy access to 187 countries. 

9. EU Freedom

With your French passport comes the privilege to move, live, work or attend university anywhere in the European Union.

10. It's missional

Going back to the Reformation, Protestants should be the most ready and willing to emigrate to where the Gospel needs to go. Move, adopt the culture, integrate in the community, get citizenship, raise your kids and encourage them to intermarry.

How to Get Started

1. Work on your French

As part of your citizenship dossier, you will need to submit proof of your French language ability at the B1 level or above. This takes places at a regional testing center and consists of a multiple choice oral comprehension test and an oral interview of about 10 minutes.

2. Live 5 Years in France

For the first five years you will typically be issued a carte de séjour (visitor's card) with a 12 month validity. At the end of each year, you will need to reapply for a new 12 month card.

At the end of 5 years, you will have earned the right to apply for a 10 year residency card or for citizenship.

The only way to reduce this time requirement is to enlist in the French Foreign Legion, or an extraordinary act of service to the French nation (like stopping a terrorist).

3. Join an Association in Your Community

Membership in a local French association is an integral part of French culture and a great way to show your integration in the community. The options are wide-ranging and can include anything from the hiking club to the gardening club to the music club, charity work, and so on.

4. Get to know your mayor

In most cases, your mayor will be at your final citizenship ceremony at the prefecture or sous-prefecture, and it will be your mayor who hands you your naturalisation certificate.

5. Buy a home

While its not an official requirement, your purchase of a house or an apartment here shows that you have committment to the country and that you have chosen to make France your home.

6. Assemble Your Paperwork

The list of required documents is constantly shifting, but the essentials tend to stay the same, for which you will need official copies with an Apostille from your home government and certified translations of all documents.

7. Have Patience

Due to Brexit, there are thousands of citizenship dossiers that were submitted by British nationals who want to become French, many of whom have been living in France for years. Covid only made the situation worse, so brace yourself for at least a two year wait after you submit your paperwork.

So the time to get started is now.

8. Get Coaching

1. Reserve a 1 hour time slot

2. Make a $100 donation to French Reformation

3. Once your donation is confirmed, we'll send you a Zoom link.


4. You will also receive our concise interview study-sheet for free.

Get moving!

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